Rep. Ozinga Urges Property Tax Relief Following Governor’s Budget Address

SPRINGFIELD – In response to the Governor’s budget address, reform-minded State Representative Tim Ozinga (R-Mokena) released the following statement:

“Today, Governor Pritzker rightly acknowledged that Illinois doesn’t have a revenue problem,” said Rep. Ozinga. “However, the Governor and I fundamentally disagree on how additional revenues should be spent. The principle of making ‘no little plans’ has long guided Illinois, yet funneling more money to the Illinois Arts Council is a small-minded approach to pandering on the margins and does not address the immediate needs of our constituents.

“The Governor bragged that Illinois’ fiscal house is in order, yet hard-working Illinoisians are struggling to afford their own homes. We need bold solutions that fundamentally reform Illinois into a place where every family has the opportunity to flourish economically and pursue their dreams. Families suffering in communities like Harvey don’t need more spending on the arts; they desperately need property tax relief, and that is what I am fighting for.”

Earlier this month, Rep. Ozinga introduced groundbreaking legislation to combat opportunity deserts and provide solutions to high property taxes. The legislation, House Bill 4866, would establish an annual program to award property tax relief swaps to school districts in the state that could lead some districts to see a 50% reduction in their property tax levy. If enacted, this bill would result in over $3 billion dollars of property tax relief in the next fiscal year. 

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