Rep. Ozinga Opposes SB 2226 and SB 1534

Springfield, IL – Late last night, the Majority party in the House forced through two bills that strips away the rights to law-abiding citizens and parents.

SB 2226 would create a government-managed database of gun serial numbers; it would also ban many of the commonly used firearms in regards to home and personal protection, and recreational uses like hunting. This violates the second amendment and makes criminals of law-abiding citizens. This ban would do nothing to address illegal gun use or public safety regarding gun violence. I voted NO for SB 2226.

SB 1534 further expanded abortions in a state with the most permissive abortion laws in the country, by targeting parental notification. Under this bill, parents have no right to know if their minor child is seeking abortion or gender reassignment surgery. I voted NO for SB 1534.