Ozinga Bill to Increase Organ Donors Unanimously Passes House

On Thursday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed legislation sponsored by State Representative Tim Ozinga (R – Mokena) to give more opportunities to sign up to be organ donors in Illinois.

“Earlier this year, I hosted an event to allow any constituent to suggest legislation to help better our state. I was pleased to introduce this bill on behalf of the Maddog Strong Foundation,” Rep. Ozinga said.

Illinois boasts very successful registry participation with nearly 65% of eligible individuals registering as donors, but still hundreds of Illinoisans die each year waiting for an organ transplant. HB 4696 offers purchasers of Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) hunting licenses the opportunity to be redirected to the First Person Consent organ and tissue donor registry website maintained by the Secretary of State.

“I applaud Representative Ozinga and the house leadership for passing HB4696. Our daughter Maddie was an active outdoorsperson, hunting and fishing license holder and youth leader in Illinois outdoors community before she passed away and became an organ and tissue donor. This bill honors her and every Illinois donor hero by giving those Illinois hunters a chance to sign up on the Illinois Secretary of State donor registry when they get their annual license,” stated Frank Grobmeier, Executive Director of Maddog Strong Foundation. “I encourage our brave state senators to pass this legislation and give Illinoisians more chances to save lives through donation.”

HB 4696 passed the House 105-0. It will be sent to the Illinois Senate for consideration.