Ozinga votes to Preserve Parental and Religious Rights

Late Wednesday night, the Illinois House of Representatives approved two measures to repeal the Parental Notification of Abortion Act and change the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act (HCRCA) with a vote of 62-51 and 64-52, respectively. After voting No on both bills, State Representative Tim Ozinga (R – Mokena) issued the following statement:

“Illinois leads the nation with the protection of religious liberties under the HCRCA. The governor is making a conscious effort to erode those liberties and erode parental rights through the repeal of the Parental Notification of Abortion,” Rep. Ozinga.

Rep. Ozinga continued, “instead of working on meaningful legislation and finding solutions to the problems facing Illinois, the governor and the majority party in Springfield opted for a grab all. They ignored more than fifty thousand Illinois families, individuals, and organizations expressing opposition to weakening our rights. Through all this, I remain optimistic we can work together on meaningful legislation moving forward. The people of this state want solutions, and our elected officials will have to answer sooner rather than later. I am ready and willing to achieve those solutions as a unified chamber.”

House Bill 370 repealed the Parental Notification of Abortion Act and passed the House after being approved by the Senate 32-22. The bill now heads to the governor for his consideration. Senate Bill 1169 amends the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act and heads to the Senate for consideration.