Rep. Ozinga Urges Sale of Tinley Park Mental Health Center

Mokena, IL – State Representative Tim Ozinga (R – Mokena) today urged for the passing of his legislation (HB1995) to sell the Tinley Park Mental Health Center from the State of Illinois to the Village of Tinley Park after news of a colossal water main break on the site threatened an environmental crisis to the area. 

“The timing of my bill could not come at a more crucial time,” said Ozinga. “Since closing in 2012, the mental health center was revealed to have several contaminants, including asbestos, which leaked into the Midlothian Creek. It is imperative the House pass HB1995 – HFA1 to ensure Tinley Park and Illinois do not suffer an environmental crisis.”

Newly elected Mayor, Michael Glotz, announced a quarter-mile water main leak had spilled 2.1 million gallons of water into the sewer. “We’re incredibly concerned about the immediate health and safety risk this is posing,” Tinley Park Mayor Michael Glotz said in a recent release. “There’s currently no means of fire suppression in the area of the main break should any disaster occur, and we’re concerned about the potential contamination this may cause to the nearby households that utilize well water.”

Representative Ozinga reintroduced the forced sale of the Tinley Park Mental Health Center as HB 1995 – HFA1 on April 20, 2021. The sale would allow Tinley Park to take the matter into their own hands after sitting dormant with the state for the past 12 years.