Rep. Ozinga’s Statement on Governor signing HB 3653

On Monday, Governor Pritzker signed HB 3653 into law. Below is a statement from State Representative Tim Ozinga (R – Mokena) in response:

“Regarding policing in our state, I have been on the record stating ways I support improving, streamlining, and making policing as a whole more efficient. This is the same open-minded approach I have with any agency or entity in Illinois. However, this discussion needs to include the most impacted people – those enforcing our laws. Passed in the dead of night, legislators had no opportunity to study and find out what is in the bill. Many bad policies are coming to light in the bill, such as massive unfunded mandates, undercutting judge discretion, and constant contradictory language. I am disappointed the governor decided to toss these concerns aside instead of vetoing this legislation and allow the General Assembly to do our work correctly.”