Rep. Ozinga Responds to Governor’s Budget Address

Wednesday afternoon, Governor Pritzker delivered his annual State of the State and Budget Address. Below is a statement from State Representative Tim Ozinga (R – Mokena) in response:

“I was very optimistic as I tuned-in to the Governor’s budget address. Over the past year, our state has suffered while combating COVID coupled with some of the country’s strictest small-business regulations. Businesses and workers alike have been hurt because of the pandemic. The failure at IDES costs us millions. Tragically I was anticipating Governor Pritzker would take advantage of the opportunity to unite parties to better our residents in the most efficient manner. Our country has, arguably, never been more polarized. It is the job of public servants and leaders in government to serve the people and do everything in their power to right the ship.

As our Governor continued, it became clear; his proposed budget does not have taxpaying residents in mind. Instead, he recycles the same gimmicks Illinoisans saw from past years’ budgets with no sign of surplus; it lacks responsibility, foresight, and accountability. It is the same irresponsible actions that are responsible for the out-of-control debt and fleeing residents.

The Illinois government let us down many times a year, every year. For this reason, I decided to run for public office. I want to bring solutions to Springfield, not perpetuate the stagnation of divisive sides. I am ready to work with whoever is willing to roll-up their sleeves in Springfield, no matter their party. For some reason, Governor Pritzker believes, and stated, it was all Republican’s wrongdoing that got us here. The same Republicans hold and have held minorities in both the House and Senate for decades. I believe Governor Pritzker has Illinois confused with another state. He will blame Republicans from the past, present, and, likely, the future if he could. It is regrettable to see from the leader of our Great State.

Still, I am ready to work with the Governor and my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. I am committed to finding solutions to the problems facing Illinois rather than casting blame. As our state fights for our recovery, we cannot dampen our efforts by eliminating tax credits designed to help blue-collar workers in underserved communities. We are continuously clipping our wings before we can ever get off the ground; it is insanity.

We must address the problems at the Illinois Department of Employment Security to eliminate the scourge of fraud. We must protect our seniors and veterans in state care. We must finally enact meaningful ethics reform to restore faith in our state government. We can enact positive and beneficial policies for all to grow and prosper. This is not my statement of defeat; this is my statement of action. Together, I know our state can rise from the pit our politicians have thrown us in. Together, we can choose SOLUTIONS, not sides.”